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Understanding The Market

Each individual who is involved in our business must clearly understand the brand’s basic values and the manner in which it is positioned in the market. We therefore INVEST heavily in staff training to ensure excellence in service standards. 

Result of our hard work

Our company has one of the fastest growing brands in the Guyana (Crisco Products)  and we carry five of the top selling brands in the market place (Ocean Spray, Clorox, Mott’s, Mistic  and Goya).   

Long term Perspective

Our vision for our brands is simple. We are very loyal to the brands we carry as we wish our customers will be. We recognize that good branding takes time but in the long run, it is one of the strongest assets our business has.

Our success is easily explained

our network gives us the flexibility we need in trading. Our reputation for reliability reassures that we will produce the best results possible; our dedicated team of professionals keep this company up-to-date and prepared for import and distribution; and we are not restricted to the Group’s products, meaning that we can move almost anything anywhere. 

Our Market

Guyana’s retail market can be segmented into 5 covered markets – Supermarkets, Wholesale/Retail outlets, Variety stores, Gas Stations, (convenience stores) and Market Vendors. There are between 40 to 45 major supermarkets in Guyana.

Supermarkets are primarily located in Georgetown and the surrounding areas. They account for about 27-30 percent of retail food sales. Convenience stores (Gas stations) and variety stores are more common. It is estimated that there are between 1,000 to 1,500 convenience stores and small shop`s in both urban and suburban areas. Most are owned by independent individuals or family businesses and they account for approximately 25% of the food sales. Wholesalers/Retail outlets account for an additional 23% of the sales. The small street vendors account for the remainder of the total food sales, about 25 percent of the market. 

Market shares

Supermarkets 26%
Gas ( Convenience Stores)
Gas 13%
Market Vendors
Market Vendors 15%
Wholesale/Retail Outlets
Wholesale/Retail Outlets 10%
Variety Stores
Variety Stores 15%

Retail market


  • Shelf Spacing – With a typical large supermarket carrying more than 30,000 different  items or stocking keeping units (SKU’s) on a daily basis, poor product positioning or an under-allocation of space can kill a product before it achieves full sales potential. Our company understands the importance of securing the best shelf space in the store for our products. The main result of prime shelf spacing is an increase in customer awareness resulting in a residual effect on sales (both repeat sales and sales influenced by high promotion visibility).

                   Sampling – We have observed that product sampling typically yields much higher trial than any other promotional technique. It’s the                            proven way to get the most effective trial  and to generate new customers.