Our Brands

Top Brandz carries over 600 product lines, including a wide variety of groceries, household cleaners, personal care items, beverages, various perishable items and automotive products. Established partnerships with several leading manufactures including McCormick, Kellogg’s, Welch’s, Ocean Spray, Cadbury Schweppes, Smucker, ConAgra, Clorox, Dial Corporation, Hain Celestian Group, Kimberly Clark, JM Smuckers, Voortman Cookies, Hormel Foods, Florida Natural and Goya foods to name a few. These partnerships guarantee our customers receiving premium products at affordable prices.

The process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a brand is important for the success of our business.  We work closely with our suppliers and our customers to create advertising, sales promotion and publicity campaigns based on an effective communication strategy for every brand. We focus on several factors when building our brands:


If customers know that the brand will consistently deliver benefits and services, they will respond to that positive attribute. 


There are times we recognize that changing the brand’s presentation is necessary due to change in consumers taste.


To a large degree positioning is a matter of customer perception and refers to the niche the brand occupies not just in the market but in the minds of the customer.


As an aspect of marketing, brand communication refers to the tailoring of all aspects of the company’s promotional mix toward creating and sustaining customer perceptions. This includes creating awareness, developing personality, and constantly reinforcing these images.